Permissions FAQ

Permissions FAQ

I’ve gotten a few questions about my permissions policy.  Contact me if you have any questions!

In general:  I highly encourage any of my students, or anyone who buys my books, to make and enter their quilts in shows.  All I ask is that you provide a credit if you are inspired by a pattern or technique you learned from me.

1. The supply lists and all other handouts provided during lectures and workshops are proprietary materials and may not be duplicated or shared with anyone other than attendees at the scheduled event without express permission of Modern Quilter Media LLC.

2. The photographs provided on my website or provided as separate jpegs may be used in the organization’s publicity and promotional materials, including websites or blogs, to promote the event.
3. Any images used must be clearly identified as ©Carole Lyles Shaw.

4. During the workshop and lecture, the organization may take still photographs of my quilts for use only on the organization’s blog, newsletter or website or on social media such as Facebook or Instagram. However, in all photographs, I must be included in the photo and credit given with my name. Links to my website are appreciated. Feel free to contact me by email or phone to obtain permissions.