Fibonacci Improvisational Quilt Workshop in Sarasota

Sheryl Schleicher and I taught a short version of our  Fibonacci Improvisational Quilt Workshop for the Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild.  During this workshop , we gave everyone an introduction to using Fibonacci math to make a quilt.  The block design we provided can easily be combined into a planned quilt that has a very improvisational look.  This is a great project for beginner quilters and experienced quilters who are new to working improvisationally.  Best of all, there is NO MATH required when designing the blocks and laying out the quilt.

We had a blast!   Here are some photos of a few of the blocks that our wonderful Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild Members came up with! (I’m scheduled to teach a more extended version of this workshop for a few guilds in 2015 and 2016. Go HERE for more information.)

IMG_4400 IMG_4398 IMG_4379 IMG_4387


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