Quilt Challenge as Inspiration for a Modern Quilt

Sometimes, a Quilt Challenge is just what we need as inspiration for making a modern quilt.

One source of inspiration is right at your fingertips if you are a member of The Modern Quilt Guild.   You have a treasure trove of inspiration just waiting to be used.  Here’s how 4 of us in my guild [Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild] did that just recently when we made mini quilts for a quilt challenge run by our guild.

A few weeks ago, I posted that Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild was running several challenges in 2016-2017.  Go here to read about the challenges and some tips for running a successful challenge for your group or guild.  These were easy and fun and about 2/3 of our members participated in one or more of the quilt challenges.  They really livened up our Show & Tell.

The March Quilt Challenge was to select a block or pattern from The Modern Quilt Guild and use it as an inspiration for a mini quilt.  In other words, you had to interpret the original design in a mini format.

Here’s a photo of me holding the original MQG block with my mini on my lap.  And, to read about how I created this mini, go HERE.

Print out of original block from MQG by Silvia Sutters


THEN…. when I showed my Challenge Quilt mini, the funniest thing happened.  It turned out that FOUR of us had independently chosen the exact same block with very different results.

Here we are with our Challenge Quilt Minis. We had the biggest laugh during our meeting when we discovered that 4 of us had used the same block.  And each mini is so different!     Read about how I designed this mini

My mini…

Mini #2

Mini #3

Mini #4











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  1. Nicole April 7, 2017 at 11:48 am

    I LOVE the four iterations! And that’s what I love best about quilting…everyone can do their own thing and it will all be awesome.

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