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Creating Great Guild Programs

I’m often asked how to make guild meetings more exciting by offering programs that get everyone involved.  The Programs Committee for my Guild came up with a fabulous idea and I’m sharing it here with you.  This challenge could be used by a Modern Quilt Guild OR by a Cottage Group in a ‘traditional guild’ that wanted to experiment with modern quilting.

Some of the mini quilts made for the Modern Traditionalism Challenge

My guild, Sarasota Modern Quilt Guild, has been offering some wonderful challenges thanks to our talented Program Committee–Pat H especially!

Here are the guidelines that we used:  MQG MiniQuilt Challenges template 1-25-2017

Feel free to use as is or adapt to your group’s needs.

Starting last fall, we ran four challenges.

I think that the challenges are successful because:

  • They’re quick!  You only need to complete a miniquilt (24 inches maximum on any side)
  • They’re focused!  Each challenge has its own theme
  • They’re educational!  Each challenge focuses on one aspect of modern quilting and leads to some lively and informative discussions.
  • They’re fun!  Seeing how everyone interprets the theme is just fabulous.  The Show & Tell is always exciting.









Our four challenges are:

  1. Modern Traditionalism — reinterpreting a traditional block
  2. Use of Negative Space
  3. Interpreting an MQG Pattern– use any MQG pattern to make a mini
  4. Modern Quilting–using a modern design for your quilting stitches


Three of the Arrow Minis–quilted by 3 different members in very different ways!

#4–Modern Quilting–was really fun because we required everyone to use one of 3 patterns, all made with the same fabrics.  That way, we could see how different the quilting made each one look.


If you’d like a copy of our guidelines, CLICK HERE  MQG MiniQuilt Challenges template 1-25-2017.  Feel free to use as is OR interpret for your own Guild Challenge.

I’d love to see what you come up with so hit me up on Instagram or Pinterest with pix from your Show and Tell.




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If not, check it out!

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