Current Contract and Fees

I sincerely appreciate your interest in hiring me to teach and lecture at your group event.  This page is a summary of my current fees, accommodation details and other relevant information. More details can be found in my contract and I’m happy to discuss any questions you may have.  If you want to schedule me, please email me through the Contact Me Page for a current contract.

Minimum and Shared Bookings

The amount of time booked must equal or exceed the travel time to get to and from the event. For example, if total travel time from my home to your location is 5 hours each way (total 10 hours), then the minimum booking would be one full-day workshop and a Lecture booked on the same day. Other combinations will be discussed prior to contract signing.  If your event is within 1 hour driving time from my home, the minimum booking is a single Trunk Show/Lecture or a half-day workshop.

You may combine events with another group in your immediate area to meet the minimum booking and share expenses.

Non-teaching days between a lecture or between multiple workshops must be discussed and will require an additional fee and accommodations.

Lecture Fees

All lectures are 60-90 minutes and I provide a handout for each attendee. Trunk show includes quilts and book signing

  • $350 for a Lecture and Trunk Show and Question and Answer session when booked for the evening immediately following a full day workshop or on the same day as a half-day workshop.
  • $450 for a Lecture and Trunk Show and Question and Answer session booked on a day or evening by itself.

Workshop Fees

  • Full Day or Multi-day workshop [6-7 hour day]: $700 per workshop day.  18 students maximum.
  • Half-Day Workshops (3 hours): $400 per workshop if on the same day as another workshop or lecture. $500 if scheduled on a separate day by itself.  18 students maximum.


  • Hotel lodging invoiced at hotel rate agreed to in advance.
  • Meals are billed at a per diem of $50 per day including travel days.  Per diem will be reduced or waived if Sponsor provides any meals.
  • Airfare and luggage fees: I fly regular coach and preferred airlines are Southwest or Delta (or other airlines that have direct flights).  I usually check two bags and have one carry on.
  • Mileage to/from airport from my home and parking at the airport.
  • If venue is within a 2 hour drive, I will typically drive and charge mileage.

Workshop and Lecture Set Up

  • Tables to set up my quilts (usually 15 or more), books and patterns for lectures and workshops.
  • For lectures, I will provide my PowerPoint presentation on a flash drive.  Group must provide projector, screen and laptop. I also require a microphone.
  • I will provide books and patterns for sale so please check that venue allows sales.  I am responsible for all taxes.